‘What I Wish I Knew’ with Peter Reid

As the saying goes, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Everyone can pinpoint moments in their working life that they wish they’d approached differently. But sometimes it’s only after you’ve had time to reflect on a situation that you can understand what worked, what went wrong and what learnings you can take forward for next time.

In this new series, we’re going to ask some of the experienced leaders across MSQ to pick a lesson they’ve learnt during their career. Something they wish they knew when starting out, but had to experience in order to truly understand.

This week it’s MSQ’s Chief Executive Peter Reid. Pete began his career as a consultant at McKinsey, before joining Media Square as Development Director in 2007. He co-founded MSQ in 2011 and has helped the Group grow to a business of more than 600 people, based in 11 offices around the world.

During that time, what lesson did he learn that would have been useful advice to the Pete just starting out in the industry?