The inside story on how agencies get out of shape

The health of agencies is a hot topic right now, but the reasons why things can go wrong aren’t really being tackled by those in charge.

As someone who’s had a ring-side seat on the subject of agency integration for the past twenty years – running direct, data and digital agencies in big communications groups. Stack’s CEO Ben Stephens has been the numbers guy in a roomful of admen; the acceptable face of what used to be BTL, in a world that used to be dominated by ATL.

And in that time he’s witnessed the alarming change in how agencies, and agency groups in particular, advise their clients. And why so many are struggling to be the trusted advisers they really, really want to be, and can’t see why they don’t have a place at the high table.

Ben has three theories as to why this has happened. Take a look at the Stack blog to read the full piece and find out more.