Supercharge your Looker Studio dashboards: Harness the power of BigQuery with Google Analytics 4 integration

Having issues with Looker Studio since API throttling was introduced? Look no further! If you struggling with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) API integration in Looker Studio, this article will explain the benefit of leveraging BigQuery to resolve these issues and optimise your analytics stack for better data storage, access and insights.

Google’s powerful cloud data warehouse, BigQuery, offers a fantastic solution for those facing API restrictions in Looker Studio. By integrating GA4 with BigQuery, you can bypass these limitations and gain full access to all your data. With this integration, you will no longer be subject to sample data or face problems with exceeded API limits.

Experience in data architecture and SQL are required to successfully set up GA4 with BigQuery. Integrating GA4 with Looker Studio is straightforward, providing you with unrestricted access to all your GA4 data and allowing you to leverage Looker Studio’s analytical capabilities.

Once you’ve successfully integrated GA4 with BigQuery, schedule your queries to run daily to ensure your Looker Studio dashboards provide up-to-date insights. You can use Google Cloud Scheduler or another scheduling tool of your choice to streamline this process and keep your data fresh and relevant. 

What extra benefits come from using BigQuery? 

In addition to better integration with Looker Studio, BigQuery offers a host of other benefits. These include flexibility, customization, real-time monitoring, scalability, and advanced analytics, such as machine learning capabilities. By integrating GA4 with BigQuery, you can unlock the full potential of your data, drive better insights, and make well-informed, data-driven decisions for your business.

BigQuery is a paid solution and billing is based on the volume of data storage and querying. The tool provides great insight into what is driving cost, and customers can minimise their costs by employing techniques like partitioning, nested data structures and cost controls. These strategies will help you manage costs while still reaping the benefits of BigQuery.

BigQuery isn’t limited to GA4 data – you can also integrate other data sources like Google Ads or Google Cloud Storage. By consolidating your data from various sources, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of your business performance, making it easier to draw valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Still not sure about using BigQuery?

We understand that BigQuery integration can be daunting to some clients, but it can be a great addition to your analytics capability and once you are up and running it’s very simple to maintain. If you would like to talk through your specific business needs, please get in touch.