MSQ collaborates with LinkedIn to launch new advanced insights and targeting tool

At MSQ we’re today excited to launch Origin, an innovative new product that integrates with LinkedIn’s Audience Insights API to provide more guidance on target audiences for enhanced client go-to-market planning and media execution.

Developed using LinkedIn’s new API by MSQ Data and our B2B specialists Stein IAS, Origin provides clients with rich data that enables them to understand more about their target audiences, so they can provide better forecasting and serve more effective messages and media content.

Origin is able to profile business audiences through a number of different variables, thereby more accurately identifying skills, requirements and growing trends amongst professionals. The tool’s applications are relevant to research and content teams, media strategists and planners, as well as media activation teams across MSQ and our 350-strong client base.

Rob Goodwin, Chief Data Officer of MSQ, says: “MSQ’s group-wide data function is growing rapidly to ensure we’re providing smarter and more effective insights for clients. With the launch of Origin, we can harness LinkedIn’s extensive professional audiences to develop, greater depth than ever before so that clients can get closer to their customers, to deliver effective marketing campaigns.”

Marc Keating, Chief Innovation Officer at Stein IAS, says: “B2B marketers need more effective ways to understand, segment, activate and measure audiences that are critical to the growth of their businesses. Through LinkedIn’s Audience Insights API, Stein IAS has developed its own proprietary data and audience insight engine, which is capable of delivering advanced audience insights and the activation of those audiences in LinkedIn to streamline campaign set-up and deployment.”

Stein IAS and MSQ’s other agencies can utilise Origin’s data engine and variable insights to understand more about the common attributes related to an audience – including everything from job functions and titles – to seniorities, interests and more, to create highly effective campaigns and achieve client objectives.

And we’re already using Origin to deliver more actionable data and more effective campaign outcomes. Through the LinkedIn API, we can refine personas and audience profiles to make them more relevant, precise and actionable, personalising creative and messaging to deliver standout campaigns.