What’s the Secret for Seamless Agency Integration?

How can agencies truly deliver diverse, valuable services to clients? The opportunity for more prolific working relationships is huge but it’s easier said than done – which is why Creative Salon asked a number of agency and group leaders who are doing it well to share their secrets.

One of those under the spotlight was our Global Chief Executive, Peter Reid. Here’s what Pete had to say:

At MSQ we talk a lot about the need for clients to connect the disconnected – the ability to join everything up across marketing, tech and data channels. And the best clients succeed when they’re able to do just that. But it’s definitely easier said than done – and you need a number of conditions in place to make it happen.

First there needs to be an alignment between client teams – the CMO and CTO in particular need to be in constant communication, speaking with transparency and in a shared language (or both areas need to come under the ultimate control of a CXO or equivalent). The entire client team needs to have bought into a full agenda, with a clear structure in place, and an overall leader (usually the CMO) empowered to move the whole process forward. This allows for rapid decision making, greater transparency and the agility to flex specialists in and out as work evolves.

From the agency side, you need similar agility. It’s important to have central teams that can oversee delivery, but you then need to be able to provide the right experts offering the right range of services at the right time. Too often I see agencies and groups locking in fixed teams, which are in reality more of a financial play, rather than really delivering what the client actually needs or designed to solve the specific problems they have.

When we look at building our own overall offer, two further important qualities stand out. Any acquisition – or individual hire – we make is focused on building a truly joined-up group, with people and teams who are collaborative by nature. And we look for senior leaders who are willing to roll their sleeves up and work hand-in-hand with clients themselves. We need them in place to understand the capabilities we offer and – crucially – have the ability and influence to bring those requirements into a client’s business as and when needed.

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