Time for bold brands to embrace the D2C opportunity

There has been much written already about the winners and the losers from the COVID period and the extent that the business world will be transformed forever.

For brands, perhaps the biggest lesson from a tumultuous start to 2020 is a more general one. One that has been a truism across most recent economic disruptions and recessions. The real winners in the long-term are, in fact, likely to be the brands who take this opportunity to critically analyse their business model and who look for opportunities in the evolved post-COVID world.

One big opportunity is evolving a direct-to-consumer offer. COVID has increased the general acceptance of direct-to-consumer shopping, it’s helped customers become more acquainted to and accepting of direct transactions.

At MSQ we’re lucky enough to have helped a number of brands make this transition or to grow an established, but modest, D2C channel. So taking those learnings, as well as insights from around the world, our latest White Paper looks at three core marketing considerations that can help any brand take a large step towards success in this space.

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