Celebrating 10 years of MSQ

This year, MSQ celebrates our tenth anniversary – and we’ve come a long way in a decade! We’ve expanded to have ten brilliant agencies. More than a thousand brilliant people. And the MSQ multi-disciplinary offer is establishing itself across the world.

So whilst it’s in our nature to keep busily moving forward, we did want to spend a few minutes to take stock, celebrate what makes MSQ special and share our vision for the next step in the MSQ journey.

One way we’re doing just that is through the MSQ Almanac. Visitors to some of our Group HQs may have spotted the tome sitting proudly in reception. But if you’ve not yet been able to join us, then we hope the interactive version will be just as intriguing.

Full of our very latest and greatest work, beliefs and – yes, agency pets – the Almanac is an MSQ showcase for 2022. Because after ten energetic years of growth, we’ve got a lot to be proud of.