The biometric take on some of the UK’s biggest TV ads

Our digital specialists Twentysix regularly use their state of-the-art experience lab to reduce bias and measure real response to a client’s content and media.

And, at the turn of the year, the team decided to conduct an experiment. They took six of the holiday season’s most popular television ads and pitted them against each other to find out which performed best and why.

Looking at brands like John Lewis, Sky, Lidl and Argos, a series of visual emotion and eye-tracking tests were carried out, alongside work from twentysix’s specialist Data Science team, who used a series of psychometrically developed measures to ‘score’ each advert on aspects such as positivity, negativity, focus, motivation, loyalty and disengagement.

It all provided some fascinating learnings. Check out the full analysis – including the chance to see the eye-tracking software in action – in twentysix’s White Paper here.