Silence Please…for behavioural economics

The relationship between creativity and behavioural science is one that continues to stimulate debate across the advertising community. What is it about our unconscious – and sometimes conscious – decisions that often encourages advertisers to bypass reason?

One of the masters of behavioural science is Rory Sutherland. And the Ogilvy Vice Chairman has recently released a book on the subject – Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense.

The book is the subject of a new podcast created by our chums over at Silence Media. And our very own planning master, Kelly Church, joined the team for episode one. She gives her own thoughts on the book, and the subject at large, in particular asking whether there can be template for creativity.

It’s a fascinating book and a fascinating podcast. Give Kelly’s episode a listen here, and for the full series, click here.