Returning to the office? Kate Howe tells AdWeek about MSQ’s approach

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have learned a lot about hybrid working and what ‘normal’ may mean going forward. There’s certainly no clear and definitive answer and already agencies are tackling the new challenges and opportunities in very different ways.

To try and get a handle on the variety of approaches, AdWeek spoke to some of Europe’s biggest and best known marketing groups. That included MSQ, with our Executive Director Kate Howe telling the publication how important it is that our agencies are empowered to make their own decisions based on their own unique circumstances, and why a ‘one size fits all’ strategy would be dangerous to employ.

“Our belief is that our agency leaders know their people, and most importantly, know what their clients need better than we possibly could, and better than anyone else. So, our agency heads are absolutely empowered to make the right decisions for their people and do the right thing and to flex that as they need to.”

Kate Howe, Executive Director, MSQ

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