MSQ B2B named one of the world’s largest B2B marketing agencies

It’s an exciting day at MSQ – we’re delighted to officially announce the launch of MSQ B2B, a new global B2B model aimed at helping businesses build High EQ brands.

And we immediately become one of the world’s largest B2B agencies, ranking 5th globally and 2nd in the UK in the 2021 B2B Marketing Agency Benchmarking Report.

MSQ B2B will bring together expertise from across the MSQ group, a community of joined-up agencies that each offer best-in-breed capabilities and proven award-winning experience working with B2B brands.

Our group consists of nearly 800 people across 12 global offices, offering services including B2B Brand-to-Demand, Data, Research & Insights, Creative, Corporate/Brand Design, Internal Comms, PR, Social & Content, Media, Web & Digital Transformation.

As MSQ B2B, we believe that as changes in attitudes and technology compel businesses and customers to reconfigure, it will be businesses that can seamlessly engage buyers both emotionally and rationally through creativity and innovation that gain competitive advantage.

Through cutting-edge data and technology and highly awarded, highly effective strategic and creative thinking, MSQ B2B will provide agile, adaptable solutions and connected experiences to build High EQ brands — businesses that operate with greater emotional intelligence and become a more trusted partner to their customers.

MSQ B2B will be spearheaded by Tom Stein, the founder of our global B2B agency Stein IAS, who takes on the new title of Chairman of MSQ B2B. Stein will retain his role as Stein IAS’ Chairman and Chief Client Officer.

Stein launched Stein + Partners in 1985, helping the business become one of the foremost B2B marketing agencies. Stein + Partners merged with MSQ’s IAS B2B Marketing in 2015, creating, with CEO Rob Morrice, the Stein IAS global B2B specialist brand. Stein is one of the most respected figures in the B2B industry, and in 2017 was inducted into ANA’s B2B Hall of Fame.

Stein will work closely in leading MSQ B2B with Kate Howe, Executive Director of MSQ. Prior to joining MSQ, Howe spent five years as the Chair and CEO of gyro UK, during which time she helped the agency network become a three-time BMA Global B2B Agency of the Year.

MSQ B2B has been designed to complement MSQ’s existing agencies. Each agency, including Stein IAS, will continue to operate under its own brand and proposition, but will also come together for brands looking for a bespoke agency resource designed to meet a full range of marketing needs in a joined-up and agile manner.

Tom Stein, Chairman and Chief Client Officer of Stein IAS, says: “The watchwords of the past year have been empathy, agility and transformation.And having been involved in B2B for more than three decades, I’ve not experienced a period of time where B2B has undergone such a rapid evolution.

“B2B brands today are seeking a more relevant agency model. They need scale and broad capability – but they also need that capability applied in a more agile way, one that’s completely synced to their specific needs now and as they evolve. They require deep expertise in technology and data – but they also need to communicate and connect with humanity and empathy, with emotional intelligence. That’s why MSQ B2B has been born – to use the collective capabilities of multiple award-winning agencies to provide the right blend of solutions to help build high EQ business brands today and over time.”

Kate Howe, Executive Director of MSQ, says: “This is all about new ways of partnering with brands to drive business outcomes. We understand clients need flexibility and transparency and we have significant experience working with clients this way already, including joining them in-house for extended periods of time.

“By joining-up all of our B2B expertise we can deliver consistent and connected customer experiences across every touch point in the journey, helping marketers and brands behave with the empathy, coherence and integrity they need to thrive in the digital economy. Customers don’t experience your brand in a silo so why manage it that way?”

To find out more about MSQ B2B, visit the new B2B website here:


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