MSQ Advent Calendar

‘Tis the season for arguing. Arguing over our favourite Christmas films, songs, brussels sprouts versus no brussels sprouts, the routine dinner table spat, it really is what brings us together during this period. So we’ve taken upon ourselves to add another category for you to bicker over that comes in the form of deciding which MSQ pet is the cutest. 

To celebrate Christmas we’ve launched our very own online Advent Calendar. Each day of December will see a new door being unlocked to reveal an adorable MSQ fur-family member and you can enjoy the anticipation of what’s to come every day up until Christmas. It’s the perfect solution to those of you who visited seven Tescos on 30th November to no avail, in fact it works out as both a healthier and cuter alternative to the traditional.

Although it does seem like a seemingly impossible task to determine the most charming of the bunch, that’s something we’ll leave down to you. Enjoy!