Kate Howe joins Oystercatchers to discuss the future of B2B Marketing

The world of B2B Marketing is at a fascinating juncture, with huge opportunity thanks to tech, data and changing customer behaviour and operating models following the pandemic.

With that in mind, Oystercatchers’ latest Virtual Coffee Morning took a look at the challenges and possibilities shaping the future of B2B, with our very own Executive Director Kate Howe joining Oracle’s Emma Sutton and Oystercatchers’ Suki Thompson for a panel debate.

The debate ranged from the importance of personal relevance to the need to leverage the right partnerships. Kate discussed how in today’s market businesses need to inject creativity across all parts of their marketing funnel, explaining how MSQ B2B creates blended teams of experts with one consistent business partner to make sure that’s done effectively and cost-efficiently.

Watch the whole fascinating hour on Oystercatchers’ website here.