Juliet McLaren on Purpose, Conviction and the Quest for Relevance in Brand Building

This week, Creative Salon asked some of the industry’s leading creatives and strategies for their view on marketing’s ongoing ‘culture war’ and, more specifically, what purpose truly means for marketers as they look to build brands.

Amongst those industry leaders was Brave Spark’s Executive Creative Director Juliet McLaren. Here’s what Juliet had to say…

I think a lot of people struggle with ‘Purpose’ because the word gets thrown around so much that it starts to lose meaning. It’s no wonder people start to feel weary of the whole subject, and suggest that it’s reached a tipping point.

For me, it comes down to how you actually frame ‘the P word’. Indeed, maybe you use a different word instead – I heard a few people at Cannes substitute the word for ‘heart’ and I quite liked that.

Work that has heart means work that has conviction. It’s work that’s intense enough to get a feeling out there. To solve meaningful challenges.

Just because you’re not setting out to solve world hunger – yes, that would be a great brief, but we don’t get that specific brief every day – doesn’t mean you can’t have work with heart (and yes, therefore work with purpose!).

If you put your heart into encouraging young people to eat less sugar, or to give a community a voice, or even just to give someone five minutes of escapism, that can be empowering. I think juries recognise and appreciate work with heart. They’re awarding those that fit the bill – and will continue to.

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