Freemavens’ Spotlighting Success Stories: Ami Doshi

Introducing Spotlighting Success Stories from MSQ’s leading research and insights business, Freemavens. The team will be diving beyond the office walls for insight into the wins, culture and evolution of Freemavens, starting with the people who are the leading the way…

Recognising and applauding our employees’ success stories is paramount to us. We take immense pride in nurturing a culture at Freemavens, where we not only promote from within but also empower our team members to reach their own individual career aspirations.

In 2021, Ami Doshi earned her First Class Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Philosophy at Southampton University. While pursuing her education, Ami dedicated a year to studying in Tokyo, where her passion for food and travel flourished. This transformative year abroad ignited her curiosity to explore the multifaceted dimensions of human behaviour and culture.

Ami joined the team as an Intern but in a mere two years, she has rapidly advanced her professional career at Freemavens. Her success is reflective of the numerous achievements that have emerged from our supportive work environment, where every team member is encouraged to thrive. 

Throughout her internship, Ami acquired invaluable experience by actively participating in real analysis and making significant contributions to important client projects. This experience left her eager for more. After her six-week internship ended, Ami decided to pursue a permanent position as a Junior Analyst, a decision that was encouraged by one of our lead Strategists, Sanjana Mathur.

Bringing Ami on board as a full-time team member was an obvious choice. She became a valuable member of the Adhoc team, actively engaging in diverse insights projects across categories, honing her skills, and deepening her understanding of data interpretation and strategic thinking. Remarkably, within just six months, her exceptional talent and potential lead to her first promotion as Insights Analyst.

Ami credits her initial growth to Sanjana, Associate Director, who served as a mentor during those important first six months. She guided her in adopting a strategist’s and storyteller’s mindset, while also encouraging her to ask the questions necessary to fulfil client briefs effectively. Sanjana dedicated time to familiarising Ami with the intricate world of insights, while she was still in the process of grasping its complexities. Not only that but Sanjana consistently motivated Ami to capitalise on valuable opportunities that might not have been accessible within larger companies, such as presenting her findings to clients.

Ami’s development journey persisted as she evolved into a crucial contributor within the Adhoc team. She not only lent a helping hand to new team members, assisting them navigate their roles with newfound strategic insight, but also infused the workplace with her infectious dedication. Ami’s unyielding commitment to her role and team didn’t go unnoticed, and she soon found herself on the fast track to yet another promotion, another six months down the road. In her role as an Associate Consultant, Ami transitioned from the Adhoc team to a significant undertaking within Freemavens, working on one of our most extensive retainer client projects, specifically with the Beauty and Wellness team.

As part of the Beauty and Wellness team, Ami embarked on a journey to cultivate her expertise in the beauty industry, quickly earning her place as a highly valued team member. This transition brought Ami a heightened level of responsibility and introduced her to a fresh set of tools, which she adeptly mastered with the support of her team.

Tackling her new responsibilities was made much easier with the help and influence of Team Lead, Florine. Right from the start, Florine gave consistent, constructive feedback and acted as a pillar of support. Florine’s empathetic approach to her team and her genuine dedication to their professional growth and personal wellbeing made her yet another fantastic mentor for Ami to rely on.

Over the past year, Ami has shown remarkable dedication not only to her specialisation in Beauty and Wellness but also to assuming extra responsibilities. One example is the organisation of internal ‘Latte and Learn’ presentations, designed to help colleagues enhance their public speaking and presentation skills. These sessions also promote cross-pollination learning within Freemavens, offering employees a platform to highlight the impressive projects they’ve been leading.

Ami’s ongoing impact and influence are undeniable, and Freemavens, acknowledged this once again by promoting her to the role of Consultant this past August. Another amazing achievement in her two-year tenure at Freemavens. 

Reflecting on her professional journey so far, Ami acknowledged the opportunity to collaborate closely with senior team members played a pivotal role in her early career.  The nurturing and supportive attitude of senior leadership made her feel like an integral part of the team right from the start, instilling in her the confidence to nurture ambitious dreams for her future.

We are incredibly proud to have Ami as a valuable member of our team, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting future ahead for her. Embark on your professional journey with Freemavens. Explore our current job openings and get in touch with our recruitment team.