Finding your Brand Mojo – why it’s all in the mix

Branding is both ubiquitous and mysterious, depending on your perspective.

Inside a large organisation, it’s everywhere – multiple teams of people, from HR to marketing to sales, all working away, each contributing to an overall brand expression. Sometimes a well-rounded and consistent whole is the result, sometimes a fragmented hotch-potch of messages, each the proud property of a corporate silo, resulting in a flabby diluted brand.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, as a word ‘brand’ can indeed be a dangerous thing. Difficult to define and poorly democratised, it’s become attached to everything from logos to celebrities. And as a nebulous entity that relies on stories for its existence, brand itself is intangible and hard to measure.

Big business accepts this but often struggles to get the mix of stories right. Smaller businesses can be wary of the term and rightly so, but then are missing out if they ignore what can be a valuable, if not the most valuable, driver of long-term success.

So what do you need to do find your own brand mojo? Simon Ward and Sarah Wade, two of our branding experts at Lloyd Northover, have collaborated on a White Paper to answer the burning question. Download the paper below.