Creativity in Commerce

There’s clearly a huge amount of structural, strategic and digital transformation that marketers must consider in this ever-evolving multichannel world. But in the quest for organisational efficiency, it’s
important not to forget one key factor that has always helped brands connect with customers.

At MSQ we always talk about creativity as being one of the last true sources of competitive differentiation and advantages for brands. So how are retailers bringing their proposition and perspective to life in the most engaging ways?

As part of our latest retail magazine, we asked our own bastions of creativity to pick out their favourite pieces of brilliant retail thinking from recent years...

Caso Medalla Sounds from Home

When I visited Puerto Rico in spring 2021, I was surprised and saddened to see how much of the island still hadn’t — and couldn’t — be rebuilt in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, which had hit in September 2017. I hadn’t realized how bad it was, and how many Puerto Ricans were forced to leave their home and emigrate to the United States. Responses from shoppers ranged from smiles to tears, and all felt pride for the home they had no choice but to leave. So simple. So smart. So beautiful.

Lisa Leone, Chief Creative Officer, MSQ North America

Pedidos Ya: World Cup Delivery 

This is a great example of lateral thinking. It won two Grand Prix at Cannes Lions and they were hugely deserved. It’s a great example of work that can surprise our industry and the market.

Lucas Peon, Chief Creative Officer, The Gate London

DoorDash: Self Love Bouquet

Surely, this is the first case study to include number of orgasms as a KPI. So many brands dismiss the spending power of women, who are 52% of DoorDash’s customer base. Taboo be damned, and on the heels of Miley Cyrus encouraging us all to “buy my own flowers,” DoorDash did one better on Valentine’s Day. Bravo to a brand who is confident enough to deliver this empowering (and fun!) message about self-love and not give a care what anyone else thinks.

Lisa Leone, Chief Creative Officer, MSQ North America

Huggies; Nature Made

By adding a fun spin to its Nature Made packaging with 3D animal paper cut-outs that spring to life via AR technology, Huggies Singapore shows how it stays true to its promise of helping babies – and their parents – navigate a baby’s world.

Rachel Goh, Head of Insights, Elmwood Singapore

Hunger Station: The Subconscious Order

I have a “what if you could…” graveyard. May all the ideas I, or anyone I worked with, thought of that were so imaginative we couldn’t find a proof of concept to show it could be done…rest in peace. Ideas like this. I find myself longing for these ideas, and the creatives who dream up these ideas, and I’m beyond excited that the world of tech has caught up and can produce almost anything our overactive brains can think of. So far…

Lisa Leone, Chief Creative Officer, MSQ North America

J&B: She

And on the completely opposite end of the spectrum. This gives me hope that storytelling is not dead. Atrophied, maybe. But not dead. This left me speechless. Bravery and beauty. Just, holy f*ck.

Lisa Leone, Chief Creative Officer, MSQ North America

Ikea: Assembly Service

We all want to make work that has impact, and this is a perfect example of a campaign that does just that. It’s simple, but you’d definitely notice it – and it’ll stay with you.

Lucas Peon, Chief Creative Officer, The Gate London

Tesco: Ramadan

I love this because it’s simple but clever, empathetic and inclusive. Everything you want from an idea.

Greg Jones, EMEA CEO, Smarts

M&S: Chilled Cows, Chilled Milk

I love this campaign – a great use of tech, a strong message and a laid back cow who happens to be from here in Northern Ireland!

Andrew Campbell, Executive Design Director, Smarts