Connecting the Disconnected: Mastering New Cultures & Operating Models

Thursday 19th October sees the next MSQ Connecting the Disconnected event, where we shall be joined by a panel of industry experts to discuss how brands can unlock the secrets of uniting pioneering tech with breakthrough creativity.

The session has been born out of our Connecting the Disconnected White Paper, which was released earlier this year and identified six key drivers of growth that businesses must focus on right now.

Next Thursday’s session focuses on our Baking in Creative Treasures pillar – and you can find a summary of that and all our pillars here.

And for a flavour of what to expect, we’ll now take you back to another recent Connecting the Disconnected event – where we covered the Mastering New Cultures & Operating Models driver.

For this session, we were joined by Marketing and Tech Leads from Vodafone, Diageo and Mars, as well as Robin Bonn, the CEO of Business Transformation Consultancy Co:Definery. We dug deep into how brands are evolving old structures to deliver more with less in the current environment, analysing how they can pivot more readily to external changes and approach what they do with greater agility.

If you’d like a full transcript and insight from the event, get in touch with Rajet on But for a sneak peek, check out the films below…

  1. Ben Connolly, ex-Head of Digital Engineering of Vodafone UK, discusses the challenges that organisations are facing when trying to set their their tech, marketing and product teams up for success…

2. Robin Bonn, CEO of Co:Definery, looks at the intricacies around ‘failing fast’, and why some businesses may find it uncomfortable to take such an approach…