Ben Rudman on MSQ’s journey to B Corp status

We’re on a journey to B Corp status. We take our responsibility as a business and in the wider world very seriously – it’s why we’re already a Carbon Negative business, amongst other things – and want to ensure that purpose remains at the heart of what we do, not just commercial interests.

But B Corp certification is not an easy process – certified B Corps are “legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.” The process can take typically anything up to two years, and companies must be recertified every three years.

As a new article from Creative Salon points out, perhaps that’s why it makes achieving B Corp even more meaningful.

And as part of that Creative Salon article, they spoke to our Executive Director, Ben Rudman, on MSQ’s B Corp journey so far. Here’s what Ben had to say:

“It’s a good way of moving the organisation forward at the same time and showing and assessing what we are doing more widely. It enables us to bring together a lot of threads and articulate them under one banner. A B Corp is a really good way to talk about what you’re doing in a positive light in terms of what you stand for in terms of sustainability, your people, and your clients, partners, suppliers and local communities. It covers all the core bases and ensures purpose is at the heart of your business, not just commercial interests.”

Ben Rudman, Executive Director, MSQ

You can read the whole article here – it’s a fascinating look at a commitment we believe our whole industry should be making.