Are you psyched or terrified by the launch of Disney+?

With Disney+, the new streaming service from our favourite Magic Kingdom, due to launch in March, Campaign Magazine has taken a look at how the long-awaited service may impact the advertising and media industry.

For their feature, they asked six industry leaders to provide their answer to the simple question: ‘Are you psyched or terrified by the launch?’

One of those asked to contribute was MSQ’s chairman Charles Courtier. Here’s what he had to say:

“A bit psyched. It’s exciting to see the shift in people’s viewing habits continue to accelerate. Add in Disney+ and we’re watching a runaway juggernaut. I think there’s plenty of room for Netflix and Disney+ in the market; they’re quite complementary and at such a keen starting price many households will take both at least. But Disney+ piles even more pressure on to the BBC and ITV, so much so that both will require major change if they’re ever going to respond. And I doubt BritBox is it.”

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